Traditional Soups

  • Azteca $7.99

    A traditional Mexican soup elaborated with corn tortillas. Served with avocado, cheese and cream.

  • Consomé $8.99

    A traditional grandmother's recipe. Also known as the 'rebuilder'. Don't miss this extraordinary chicken soup with our Mexican touch.


Delicious cheese melted in a traditional mexican earthenware casserole.

  • Melted Cheese $3.99

  • Melted Cheese with Mushrooms $4.99


(3 pieces)

Quesadillas are a traditional Mexican plate consisting of a folded corn or flour tortilla filled with delicious melted cheese.

  • Cheese $7.99

  • Cheese with Rajas $7.99

    The traditional quesadilla made all the more delicious by the addition of strips of green pepper.

  • Cheese with Mushrooms $8.99

  • Cheese with Chorizo $8.99

    A traditional Mexican sausage.


Sopes are a thick corn tortilla, topped with your choice of delicious ingredients such as chicken, beef or Mexican sausage (chorizo), as well as cheese, onion and lettuce. Accompanied with traditional Mexican sauces on the side.

  • Steak $7.99

  • Chicken $7.99

  • Pork Chop $6.99

  • Chorizo $6.99

    A traditional Mexican sausage.

Special Dishes


A traditional Mexican dish consisting of large flour tortilla rolled into a cylindrical form and filled with chicken, beef, pork or a combination. With beans, lettuce and tomato.

  • Pollo $8.99

  • Steak $8.99

  • Pork Chop $8.99

  • Mixed $9.99

  • Rachero $9.99

    Burros with your choice of filling and including bacon and cooked ground beef.

  • Chimichanga $9.99

    Similar to a standard burrito, with beef or chicken, served wrapped and fried.


(3 pieces)

A Mexican dish made with corn tortillas and drowned in a spicy sauce. Depending  on your taste it can come filled with chicken, beef or cheese, with onions, lettuce, cream and cheese on the side.

  • Green Salsa (Chicken or Beef) $8.99

  • Red Salsa (Chicken or Beef) $8.99


(3 pieces)

A typical Mexican dish based on a crunchy corn tortilla. With the topping of your choice our tostadas are served with our traditional sauces, lettuce, cheese and cream.

  • Steak $8.99

  • Chicken $8.99

  • Tinga de Pollo $8.99

    Shredded chicken stew.

Low Calorie Dishes

  • Grilled Chicken Breast $10.25

    200gr of Chicken Breast with salad and rice on the side.

  • Tampiqueña Beef $12.99

    200gr of soft beef. Served with beans, rice, guacamole and chilaquiles.

  • Sincronizadas $12.99

    Double flour tortilla, filled with ham and cheese.


  • Nachos $8.99

  • Gringa $7.99

    Pork chop, pastor prepared meat (pork or chicken), bacon and cheese. Served with flour tortillas.

  • Alambre $7.99

    Beef, bacon, onion, strips of green pepper and cheese.

  • Hawaiana $7.99

    Pastor style (pork or chicken), cheese and pineapple. Served with flour tortillas.

  • Sarape $7.99

    Beef, bacon, chorizo (Mexican sausage), ham, strips of green pepper, onions, cheese and tomato.

The Best From Our Grill


(3 pieces)

  • Tacos al Pastor $8.99

    Pork or chicken marinated in a traditional Mexican way. With pineapple.

  • Beef Tacos $8.99

    Tenderloin steak marinated the Mexican way. Served with or without cheese.

  • Fried Pork Tacos $8.99

  • Taco Loco $8.99

    Beef, bacon, onion, mushrooms, pepper and cheese.

Tacos Dorados

Fried beef or chicken tacos. Served with a side of greensalsa, guacamole, cream, lettuce and cheese.

  • Chicken $8.99

  • Beef $8.99

    Soft beef cooked the traditional Mexican way.

  • Chicken Tacos $8.99

    Tacos with chicken breast marinated the Mexican way.

  • Chorizo Tacos $8.99

    Chorizo (traditional Mexican sausage) marinated the Mexican way, served with or without cheese.

  • Tripe Tacos $8.99

    Grilled and stewed tripe.

  • Cochinita Tacos $9.99

    Pork meat marinated in Mexican pibil style, with onion and green pepper.

  • Suadero Tacos $9.99

    Soft beef, cooked in a traditional mexican style.

  • Pork Rib Tacos $8.99

    Boneless port rib, served with or without cheese.

Salsa with Everything!


(3 pieces)

Beef or chicken with onion, green peppers and cheese.

  • Chicken $8.99

  • Beef $8.99


(3 pieces)

Beef or chicken rolled in a tortilla and gently fried.

  • Chicken $8.99

  • Beef $8.99


Small pieces of crispy tortilla smothered with either green or red chili sauce. Chicken or beef. Served with cheese and cream.

  • Green Salsa : Chicken or Beef $8.99

  • Red Salsa : Chicken or Beef $8.99


Your choice of chicken or beef pieces, onion and green pepper, served on a wooden skewer.

  • Chicken $5.99

  • Beef $5.99


  • Guacamole $1.55

    Traditional dip made from avocados.

  • Pico de Gallo $1.55

    A tri-colour Mexican sauce made from chopped tomato, onion and coriander.

  • Re-fried Beans $2.00

  • Jalapeño Peppers $2.00

  • 3 Tortillas $1.25

  • 3 Tostadas $1.25

  • Cheese $1.75

  • Avocado $1.50

  • Red or Green Salsa $1.50


Fresh Drinks

  • Hibiscus Tea (Jamaica) $2.50

    A traditional Mexican drink based on the flower or the Hibiscus plant.

  • Horchata $2.50

    A traditional drink make from rice. Contains lactose.

  • Tamarind $2.50

  • Passion Fruit $2.50

  • Mango $2.50

  • Custard Apple (a.k.a. Soursop or Guanábana) $2.50

  • Strawberry $2.50

  • Blackberry $2.50

  • Mineral Water $1.00

    Still or sparkling


  • Small $3.50

  • Large $6.00


  • Sodas $1.50

  • Beers

    See the printed menu for the selection available.


  • Jamaica (Hibiscus Flower) $9.00

  • Tamarind $9.00

  • Passion Fruit $9.00

  • Mango $9.00

Hot Drinks


  • Olla $1.25

    A traditional Mexican coffee with cinnamon.

  • Cappuccino $1.25

  • Americano $1.25

Something Sweet


  • Fried Ice-Cream $4.50

    Fried Ice Cream served with your choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce.

  • Flan de la Casa (Creme Caramel) $2.50

    Traditional Mexican flan covered with caramel sauce.

  • Banana Split $5.00

  • Ice Cream $3.50

  • Tiramisú $5.00

    Italian coffee-based dessert.